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Router Programming and Nesting Software

JETCAM Expert Supports all major CNC router brands including MultiCam, KOMO, Accu-Router, Shoda, Thermwood, AXYZ, Robotic Solutions, Trumpf, Tekna, Heidenhain, Wadkin, CMS, SCM, and many more.  

JETCAM's routing functionality offers fully automatic routing of both external and internal profiles and provides a suitable alternative to environmentally unfriendly technologies such as chemical milling. Auxiliary routing (routing areas and slots where the main router will not fit) is also fully automatic, including selection of the correct router bit to cut the auxiliary profile (a preferred set of tools can be specified for each machine and material). Additional automatic processes, such as full destruction of complex internal contours, micro-tabbing, screw and rivet insertion and removal are also available. Starting holes are automatically drilled to allow the router bit to reach its "Z" depth before starting a cut. Standard and user definable Lead-ins and Lead-outs are available.

Main features & options for Routing:

  • Ability to address single or multiple sheet stack routing, composite honeycomb routing, furniture, and other wood routing applications.
  • Tool, Rivet, & Screw setup: Automatic processing options for applying and removing Rivets, Screws, Micro Tabs, and Rivet/Screw Tabs
  • Multi format CAD input support for DXF, DWG, IGES, ORD, and 3D CAD systems such as Solidworks, Inventor, PRO/E, SolidEdge, Catia, etc.
  • Component unloading and Scrap handling options, including parameters to automatically determine how the scrap in an internal irregular cutout is to be handled
  • Parameters to control automatic cycles for the sheet drilling and riveting, including how the drilling and rivets are applied to the material to prevent sheet distortion during the riveting cycle
  • Revolutionary Automatic nesting featuring the latest genetic algorithms for unparalleled packing optimization and speed
  • Full nest simulation for visual cutter and tool path verification with option for interactive modifications
  • Stack Routers with the following material clamping methods:
  • Rivet hold down/Screw hold down
  • Automatically applies rivets and screws to part
  • Foot hold down
  • Single Sheet routing of parts with:
  • Vacuum hold down / Screw hold down / Pressure foot hold down
  • Routing of panels that have blind pockets in both the top and bottom face of the material
  • Automatic programming and nesting of both sides with instructions to reverse the sheet
  • Rivets and screws required to clamp the raw material skeleton can be applied (automatically or interactively) to the area surrounding the component during component programming. This manufacturing information is carried with the programmed part and automatically applied during nesting. This completely eliminates the need for adding rivets or screws manually at nesting time (even though it is possible)
  • Add micro tabs automatically or interactively during programming
  • Add tooling tags with rivet hold down automatically or interactively
  • Choice of complete internal destruction of irregular-shaped internal cutouts, or cutting only the profile and holding the scrap in place with rivets or screws, or removal by means of vacuum
  • Automatic leadin/out placement with ramping if desired
  • Ability to automatically produce roughing and finishing passes
  • Ability to automatically produce multiple passes for cutting to depth

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