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Turret Punch Programming and Nesting Software

With JETCAM, you are not locked in to a rigid system to achieve automation. We know that when it comes to punching, a wide range of processing is required, from blank-to-size single part programming to automated programming and nesting. JETCAM is built to provide the NC programmer with a wide range of tools to accomplish the task at hand: to create optimized NC programs that run the machine as efficiently as possible.

All automation features inherent to Punch Combination machines such as automatic loading, unloading and right angle shear are supported in JETCAM.


Main features & options for punching

  • Multi format CAD input support for DXF, DWG, IGES, ORD, and 3D CAD systems such as Solidworks, Inventor, PRO/E, SolidEdge, Catia, etc.
  • Automatic and Interactive micro joints tab insertion
  • Multiple tool libraries assignable per material and thickness, fully supports all multi-tool types
  • Automatic and Interactive placement of special tools, cluster punches
  • Automatic and Interactive tooling including "Teach-mode" for learned auto-tooling
  • Automatic removal of double-hits (common cutting)
  • Automatic turret positioning, turret/magazine loading, parting/unloading of components at any angle
  • Automatic and Interactive Repositioning, Sheet Rotation, Flipping
  • Support for complex machines (FMC, FMS, etc)
  • Interactive nesting (arrays, free-hand, bump nesting)
  • Automatic nesting at multiple angles using appropriate tools
  • Parametric programming (both automatic and interactive modules available
  • Materials and orders databases module for materials stock/order handling or interface to external MRP systems
  • Automatic processing of CAD files through to CNC programs
  • Several nesting modules to choose from - High-performance Rectangular and High-Performance True-shape
  • Remote control processing (RCP) for full hands-off automation


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